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A Chiropractor Can Relieve Pain

A Chiropractor Can Help Relieve Pain

There are many different causes of pain from illness to injury.  Over time, pain becomes something that we deal with, but often in the worst way possible. Most people, if they want headache relief for example, reach for the aspirin, ibuprofen, or other over the counter pain reliever.  In some cases, someone reaches for prescription painkillers.  Both over the counter pain medication and prescription painkillers have cumulative side effects including liver damage and compromised immune systems.

What a lot of people don’t know is that something like a subluxation can cause your body to experience pain.  For example, if you have a pinched sciatic nerve, you could find yourself in a lot of pain.  Sciatica is pain that is often very severe in nature, that is caused by nerve compression often as a result of a bulging disc(s) in a patient’s back. While many patients resort to surgical intervention for dealing with Sciatica, Chiropractic treatment is usually a much better option. Through simple joint manipulation, we can usually relieve pressure on the nerves that are causing the issue, thus alleviating your pain.

Interestingly, we only experience pain from a small fraction of the nerves in our spine.  Nerves affected by subluxations cause our bodies to work at  a lower level of performance in so many other ways.

Do you have a back ache that just won’t go away? What nerves are being affected that you can’t feel? Call now and schedule a consultation..you may be one adjustment away from living pain-free again.