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Are All Spines the Same

Normal Spine

Did you know there is a mathematically defined, researched and published normal spinal model. There is! And this normal spine model has helped to improve the treatment of spine related conditions and spine surgeries since the 90’s. Does this mean that every spine should be the same? No!

This normal represents the normal average spine. This means that there will be spines that aren’t quite normal, but are normal for that person.

Normal for That Person

Each of us has subtle differences in the shape of our spine and over the past 3 decades spine researchers have been able to classify different spine shapes and developed mathematical formulas to help figure out if someone’s spine is on their normal or if there is a mismatch in the numbers.

In the case of a spine surgeon, they will use these numbers to determine how much curve to put into the neck, mid back and lower back when doing surgeries. They used to just try to make everyone the same and the results weren’t good, because not everyone is the same.

Chiropractic Treatment and Normal spines

Some Chiropractors also use these formulas to determine how to treat patients with spine related pain. Doesn’t it make sense that if you are really trying to help a patient with spinal pain you’d try to normalize their spine to their normal. It should be common sense that a spine that is closer to normal both in shape and posture is going to work better and hurt less. That is precisely the type of Chiropractic treatment that the Chiropractors of Pivonka Health and Wellness in Gilbert Arizona provide. They have 25 years of experience providing Chiropractic treatment in the Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa and Queen Creek areas. If you have spinal pain and you want care that gives you a better spine and posture then call 480-892-0022 today!