360° Approach To Wellness

Back Pain Relief

Anyone that has ever suffered from back pain will tell you that the pain and stiffness can make living a normal life virtually impossible. Back pain is one of the most common complaints that people have when they visit their doctor. But what causes back pain? Back pain can be the result of an injury such as a muscle strain, it could be due to degenerative disc disease, improperly aligned vertebrae, a compressed nerve, or being overweight and placing too much strain on your back.

How We're Different

Our approach to patient care is different. We don’t just look at back pain as something to manage, we look at what is causing the problem and work on finding a solution that can help to correct it. With our 360 approach to patient care all of our providers will be involved in your treatment and each will recommend different options. These options may range from having more imaging such as an MRI or diagnostic ultrasound, using a high quality back brace, being prescribed an at home TENS unit, structural chiropractic care to change the shape of the spine, short term use of medications prescribed by our medical staff or trigger point injections to alleviate muscular dysfunction. We will look at all aspects of your back pain and do our best as a team to help relieve this pain.

Stop The Pain

If you are tired of living with chronic back pain and letting it dictate how you live your life, then give us a call. We’re confident that we can help you, just like we’ve helped countless other patients before you. Life is too short to waste it suffering when you don’t have to. Our staff has years of experience helping
patients just like you, so please, give us a call today 480-892-0022.