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Annual Labs

annual lab testing

At Pivonka Health and Wellness we believe that annual labs play a critical role in early diagnostics and health prevention. Our annual wellness lab panel includes a complete blood count, a comprehensive metabolic panel (including a fasting blood sugar level, electrolytes, liver and kidney function), a lipid (cholesterol) panel, a thyroid panel and is some cases a prostate specific antigen. Together these labs can help give us an early indication of acute or chronic illness.

At Pivonka Health and Wellness we perform the blood draw in the comfort of our own office, so there is no need to make an extra trip to the lab. We ask that our patients are fasting (no food or drinks besides water) for 8 hours prior to getting their labs drawn. Patients can expect their results back within 3-7 days. Our medical provider will then review the results with you in depth and provide you with an appropriate treatment plan if needed. Call today to schedule. 480-892-0022.