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Sub-Occipital Blocks

suboccipital block headache relief conceptHeadaches are a very common condition treated here at Pivonka Health and Wellness. Types of headaches are numerous from Migraines to Sinus to Tension. One of the most common types of headaches we treat is tension-headaches. Tension headaches start at the base of your head and they feel like they work their way over the top of your skull.

These types of headaches are most commonly caused by the nerves at the base of your head, better know as the sub-occipital nerves, being aggravated by the tight muscles in the back of the neck. These muscles can become tight from stress, too much time sitting looking at a computer or driving too long. When the Sub-Occipital nerves are  aggravated for long times it results in Sub-Occipital Neuralgia, which can cause headaches that last for days, weeks or months.

One way of treating Sub-Occipital Neuralgia and tension headaches is to use Sub-Occipital Nerve blocks. This entails injecting the Sub-Occipital Nerves with a small amount of a numbing agent like Lidocaine. This effectively numbs the nerve and blocks the sensation of pain reducing the headaches. This would be combined at Pivonka Health and Wellness with Chiropractic and Physiotherapy to alleviate the root cause of the headache.

If you struggle with headaches of any kind Pivonka Health and Wellness can be of help in most cases. Give us a call today!