360° Approach To Wellness

Medicine Management

360 degree medicine management conceptAt Pivonka Health and Wellness we pride ourselves in providing high-quality primary medical care. We believe in treating the whole body, not just the symptoms. Our medical provider can help with your primary care needs, including physical exams, labs and medication management. At Pivonka Health and Wellness we can manage a vast majority of acute and chronic illnesses and we want to make sure you are receiving the optimal therapeutic outcomes from the medications you may be taking. We are here to help you manage your medications and supplements.

Our medical provider will provide a comprehensive evaluation of your medical conditions and will prescribe medications accordingly if need be. For more complex issues, we have an exceptional referral network of specialists in the area who are happy to assist you.

Whatever the nature of your medical history we are here to help you through it in a quick and effective manner. Call to schedule today 480-892-0022.