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Sciatica Relief

Sciatica is one of the most debilitating physical conditions that you can suffer from, and if you do suffer from it then it may seem like your life is defined by constant pain. Sciatica is nerve pain that results from a compressed nerve. The result of this compressed nerve is shooting pains and weakens, normally
in the lower back, and down one leg. When sciatica symptoms are flaring up a patient will often be left immobile from the pain. Being in pain to the point where simply walking around is no way to live your life.

What causes sciatica?

Sciatica is caused by nerve compression. When a nerve is compressed it causes sharp, shooting pains, and well as weakness in the affected area. What causes nerve compression? It's often caused due to misaligned vertebrae. When your vertebrae are out of alignment it can cause a lot of problems, chief amongst them sciatica.

Is there a way to treat sciatica?

Mainstream medicine will often treat sciatica with medications such as anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids, and muscle relaxers.

How We're Different

Given the current state of the opiate crisis, if you are more than a little leery at the prospect of taking pills, that's understandable. While your addiction isn't a certainty, it's a risk, and on top of that taking pills only serves to mask your symptoms.

We offer a better solution. We use natural treatments such as chiropractic adjustments to help to correct the misaligned vertebrae that are causing your issues. We'll start your treatment by speaking with you about your symptoms to discuss what may trigger them and how long you have suffered from them. Then, we'll take x-rays to help us to determine where your vertebrae may be misaligned causing your sciatica. The final step in your treatment will involve using chiropractic adjustments for several appointments to help correct the misaligned vertebrae, thus dealing with the underlying condition that is causing your sciatica.