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Chiropractic Treatment:  Taking A Structural and Systematic Approach to Natural Healing

Chiropractic is an overall way of looking at the human body as a whole. It’s based on the idea that the body is both self-sustaining and self-healing. The body is in essence controlled by the brain via the spinal cord and the vast networks of nerves in the body.  The spinal cord has an intimate relationship with its protective structure, the spinal column.  When the spinal column loses it's normal shape and position it puts abnormal stresses and strains on the spinal cord and also the supportive muscles, discs and ligaments of the spinal column.  When this system is not functioning at its peak, the overall performance of the human body is reduced and the result is eventually pain and dysfunction.  Chiropractic care can help in decreasing that pain and dysfunction.

Chiropractic treatment at Pivonka Health and Wellness involves a three part treatment protocol and this protocol is custom tailored for each patient. All treatment is based off of patient history, objective physical exams, visual and digital postural exams and, when necessary, X-ray exams. Once these objective tests are synthesized with the patients History of complaint, a care plan, based largely on our 3 part treatment protocol but not always, is established by our team of Chiropractors.

Our 3 part treatment protocol involves a researched, validated and repeatable series of spinal adjustments, therapeutic exercises and corrective traction. Each part of this protocol is custom tailored to each patient as each patient and their needs are different. But not all patients need a structural 3 part protocol, so in those cases different treatment plans will be developed for them.

Spinal Adjustments

Spinal Adjustments:

Our spinal adjustments are tailored to reversing abnormal postures with standard manual adjustments, drop table adjustments and adjusting instrument adjustments. These are very safe and gentle methods to improve spinal flexibility, improve postural alignment and decrease pain.

Therapeutic Exercises or Physio Therapy

Therapeutic Exercises or Physio Therapy:

The therapeutic exercises prescribed are based on the areas of weak muscles and postural imbalance. The aim is to strengthen the weak areas and to bring better balance to the overall posture. These exercises also warm up the body which helps with the last part of the protocol, corrective traction.

Corrective Traction

Corrective Traction:

Corrective traction is very much like braces for teeth. Braces on teeth apply force to the teeth over time to cause the teeth to creep slowly into position. Spinal ligaments can be stretched in a similar manner with repeated sessions of loading for periods of 8-20 minutes daily, if possible, but minimally 3 times per week. Corrective traction puts stress on specific areas of the spine to cause the ligaments and rigid tissues in the area to slowly stretch. This in turn allows the spine to slowly change shape and over time be returned to a more normal position.

This three part protocol has been shown is research studies to give longer lasting results with pain and give more improvement in Quality of Life. This type of Chiropractic has been practiced by the Doctors of Chiropractic at Pivonka Health and Wellness since 1993, and they have piloted thousands of patients successfully through this type of treatment.