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Physio Therapy

One of the big benefits of visiting Pivonka Health & Wellness is the ability to get the treatment you need all in one place. Instead of driving from medical office to office, we offer Chiropractic, Medical, and physio therapy services all in the same building.

Not only does this save you time, it creates an environment where your providers are able to easily and quickly consult and collaborate on your treatment. The end result is that you feel better in less time. Win - Win. Call us today! 480-892-0022.

Structural and Postural Rehabilitation

Posture has been said to be the window to the spine and that structure dictates function. A combination of computerized postural assessment and X-ray together have been shown to be the best in diagnosing structural abnormalities in the spine that lead to most spinal pain complaints, like headaches, neck pain, mid back pain and lower back pain. Evidence in the scientific literature suggests that abnormal posture and abnormal spinal curvature can lead to early onset of spinal arthritis, spinal pain and decreased quality of life. Restoring normal posture and spinal shape has been shown to give longer lasting relief from spinal pain and better quality of life and improved daily functions.

Ending Headaches, Neck Pain, Mid-Back Pain and Lower Back Pain

Common complaints that can be helped with structural and postural rehabilitation are headaches, neck pain, mid back pain and lower back pain. If you are suffering with headaches, neck pain, mid back pain or lower back pain than specific structural and postural rehabilitation may help you.

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Extremity Physio Therapy for Knee Pain, Hip Pain and Shoulder Pain

Our extremities all have joints and these joints are all subjected to injuries and over use at times. These extremity issues may be from athletics, or falls, or other activities of daily living. When we have a joint that is hurting it is hard to have a good quality of life. The goal of rehabilitation for the extremities is to return that joint to normal function as soon as possible so our patients can return to a normal life.

Our facility can tailor a rehabilitation plan to any patients extremity needs. This plan will be based on best evidence protocols to ensure that the exercises are correct to treat that specific joint and then advanced as needed to build on the progress.

The most common joints treated with physio therapy are shoulders, hips and knees, but we can tailor a program for any joint if necessary.

If you have a shoulder, hip or knee that is in pain and needs help we would be more than happy to help you out

To improve the quality of posture and spinal curves specific rehabilitation targeting the spinal shape and posture must be performed. In our office we use a specific protocol of care that has been shown to reliably and consistently improve posture and spinal curvature. This protocol of care involves specific exercises to balance the muscles that control and hold posture and also different systems of spinal traction to stretch the connective tissues that hold the spine to allow for improvements in spinal curvatures.

Scoliosis Physical Rehabilitation (Kids and Adults)

Scoliosis physio therapy will be tailored to the patients specific type and magnitude of scoliosis. At times our Scoliosis Specific exercise programs are used in conjunction with a Scoliosis brace and some time no brace is required. The type of Scoliosis exercise program we use in our facility is called SEAS and stands for Scientific Exercise Approach to Scoliosis. The basis of the program is teaching the patient a specific order of postural movements that reduces the scoliosis. Once the patient can master the movements without assistance and hold that movement for 10-20 seconds periods, challenges are then added to the program to challenge the patients ability to hold the movement, while doing other activities. This helps to drive the muscular movement patterns into the nervous system so the body will hold the correction subconsciously.

S.E.A.S exercises were developed at the ISICO institute in Italy and have over a hundred studies in the literature confirming their validity.  Both Dr's Anthony and Patricia Pivonka are certified in SEAS by the ISICO institute.

SEAS pronounced "see as" were developed in Italy at the ISICO scoliosis rehabilitation institute under the direction of MD's and Physiotherapists. SEAS exercises have been researched and shown to be effective with studies published in the best orthopedic journals.

There are several types of Scoliosis Specific Exercise programs used world wide. We have chosen the SEAS approach because it is simple for patients to master and requires little if any extra equipment compared to other scoliosis exercise programs, while being just as effective in kids and adults alike.

If you have Scoliosis and are looking for an easy and effective approach we would be more than happy to evaluate you and see if we can help you.

To schedule a physical rehabilitation consultation, give us a call today at (480) 892-0022. There's no need to be in pain any longer.