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Trigger Point Therapy: Muscle Pain Relief

Trigger Point Therapy: Muscle Spasm Relief

How are Trigger Points Diagnosed?

Trigger points are diagnosed on a physical exam by a medical provider. Medical providers will palpate the muscle feeling for a hypersensitive nodule within the fascia. Diagnostic ultrasound may also be used to locate trigger points.

How are Trigger Points Treated?

A common way to treat active trigger points is with trigger point injections (TPIs). TPIs are an outpatient procedure designed to break up the muscle knots and alleviate pain. A TPI is performed by injecting a small amount of saline and local anesthetic into the trigger point. This procedure only takes a few minutes and, in most cases, provides a prompt relief of symptoms.

Are Trigger Point Injections Right For You?

Trigger point injections may be right for you if your muscle pain has not improved with conservative treatments such as ice, heat and massage. Please call our office at (480) 892-0022 to schedule an evaluation.