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Compounded Pain Cream

compounded pain cremeAt Pivonka Health and Wellness we believe in individualizing each treatment specific to your needs, including medications. We work closely with a  compound pharmacy to formulate opioid-free topical pain creams to target your specific pain. The topical compounded pain creams can include several different types of medications including but not limited to anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants, numbing agents and nerve pain medications.

What’s the difference between oral pain medications and topical pain medication?

Topical pain medications provide a different pathway to control pain that is localized and less likely to have systemic effects. When a medication is applied topically it decreases the likelihood of side effects, drug-drug interactions and decreases the dreaded pill burden. For example, when muscle relaxants are taken orally they can cause cognitive impairment and drowsiness to the point where one is advised not to drive; but when applied topically we rarely see any cognitive side effects. Call us today at 480-892-0022.