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Diagnostic X-Ray

The providers at Pivonka Health and Wellness may also send our patient’s out to have X-ray’s taken. X-ray is very useful in looking at the boney structures of the body to see if joints are developing arthritis or if joints are abnormally aligned. X-ray’s can tell a provider a lot about how and where to treat a specific condition.

diagnostic chiropractor xray. medical concept

X-ray is very inexpensive compared to other types of imaging like MRI or CT and is very safe. X-ray does expose the body to a very small amount of ionizing radiation, but the doses are so small that to harm a patient you’d literally have to take hundreds of X-rays in a day to reach harmful levels. There is currently a huge debate in the Radiation literature on the safety and efficacy of X-ray use and this is slowly changing attitudes on X-ray safety. Call today for the benefits of X-ray diagnostic. 480-892-0022.